play center house rules


  • Waiver must be signed for each child.
  • No food, gum, or drink of any kind allow on the play center floor
  • No Horse Play, Pushing, Throwing
  • Children not potty trained must wear a diaper or pull-up
  • Children/babies with soiled diaper are not allowed on playcenter floor
  • Admission will not be granted for sick children, for the safety and well-being for others.
  • No birthday cakes or cupcakes in our facility during the week.  Only weekends parties
  • No celebrating and/or singing birthday songs in facility during the week.
  • Shoes are Prohibited on the playcenter floor, socks must be worn by children and adults
  • No sharp objects allowed on playcenter floor
  • No adults allowed on children equipment!!
  • Height 45" and under are allowed to play, age restriction are enforced for the safety of the other children
  • Smoking is not permitted on these premises
  • We are not responsible for any stolen or lost property
  • Management has the right to ask you to leave if they feel your child is being disruptive or causing harm to others
  • Play safe, play at your own risk